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December 28, 2014, 9:00 PM

From Your Pastor's Heart - December 28, 2014

Good Morning Family!

You are such a gracious people! We would like to extend our very heartfelt thanks for your gift at Christmas to our family. We and your staff, Linda and Brent greatly appreciate your kindness and generosity. It is our pleasure to serve alongside you and each other here at FBCCF. The cards you have sent individually are all on display in the parsonage and are treasured.

I would also like to offer thanks to all those who had a hand in the Christmas program last Sunday morning. John, what a wonderful job of directing the choir you did! Choir members and soloists really did a fantastic job of sharing the story of Christmas with all that gathered that morning. All the workers with our children and youth did an exceptional job of preparing them for their parts in singing and acting out the Nativity. Dale Keel and David Hudson did a wonderful job on the stable scene that still sits on our platform this morning. We will be using that work of art for years to come!

We also had quite a turnout for our Christmas Eve service. Thanks to Linda Wilks for letting us in on a Christmas tradition and for Tracy Hudson sharing a powerful song about Jesus that clearly spelled out the Gospel. Special thanks to Gordon and Connie Sturgeon for always making sure we have what we need in order to celebrate The Lord’s Supper. It was a special evening to share together. Thanks for taking time out of your family time at home to have family time with the household of faith.

I am not sure what the weather will be like as you read this on Sunday morning. But, right now at high noon on Christmas Day, I am looking out my parsonage office window and the sun is out! I was beginning to think we would not see the sun again.

A research project in 2008 had participants take periodic walks in a forest area and found that fresh air lowers our levels of cortisol in our bodies to help lower blood pressure and stress. The sunlight gives us serotonin to help us ward off depression and stress. Sunlight also helps lower our levels of melatonin. Melatonin is the chemical that can make us lethargic.

These thoughts may seem odd to put in my letter as your pastor, but I am charged with your care and welfare not just spiritually, but to help in any way I can. As we enter these winter months, it is easy to let gray day after gray day begin to take a toll on you. When that old sun is out there, make sure you take advantage of soaking up the rays at least for a little while. Bundle up and go for a walk or just sit outside your house and breathe in the fresh air and thank the Lord for every breath He supplies and every ray of sunshine. Then as the scripture says, “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!”

As always, my prayer is that we would all Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” II Timothy 2:15.


Humbly Yours,

Bro Steve

Dr. Steven Gann, Your Shepherd

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