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February 8, 2015, 6:00 AM

From Your Pastor's Heart - February 8, 2015

Good Morning Family!        

As we start the new year, I want to commend you all on your generosity toward the work of the Lord through the family of God at First Baptist last year.   It is hard to believe it is already February.  January just whisked by us.  As we have embarked on 2015, I want us all to keep apprised of where we are all along the way as we look at giving compared to ministry needs.

As you are aware, I rarely speak of church finances.  The Lord has been good to FBCCF and we have always been blessed to be able to do what needs to be done.  In our bulletin each week, we record the previous week’s offering compared to the ministry weekly budget requirement.  The figure of $2,115.38 is what you get when you divide our $110,000 yearly budget down into 52 equal weekly amounts.  That figure tells us what we will need to average by year’s end each week in giving to meet budget.  Some weeks we will exceed it, some weeks we will not.  That is the nature of the variety of timeframes by which we have income as individuals.

Rest assured, those who are charged with expenditures in ministry here are working their hardest to keep expenditures below the budgeted amounts, if possible.  As we gathered in December and voted together to adopt this budget as a church family, there was no doubt it was a step of faith.  Although, we did a lot of work to trim the budget from 2014 to its present form by about 10%, we are also working at being very frugal with what the Lord entrusts to us through His people.

I said all of that to let you know that when I encourage all of us to be sensitive to what the Lord tells us to give, that Robin and I include ourselves.  We are in this endeavor with you.  We, as many of you, give systematically, and proportionately, and cheerfully to this wonderful work of the Lord here in Cape Fair.  We want you to know what a privilege it is to give to the ministry of the Kingdom.  It is all His anyway, all of us are merely channels of blessing.  I want all of us to keep this thought in mind this next year as we have prayed and laid out very frugal, but effective budgetary needs for ministry in 2015. 

With each of us doing what the Lord leads, we will concern ourselves with doing His work and cheerfully allow the Lord to show His hand more than able to supply through the family of God.  We will do our best to keep you apprised through the bulletin weekly and monthly of where we stand budget-wise.  This way, as we all keep an eye on things consistently, we will all be better informed and able to meet the needs as the Lord moves in our hearts.  Each of us together doing what we can and what He directs will make the whole picture come together.  Each giving “out of what they have, not out of what they do not have”. (2 Corinthians 8:12)

As always, my prayer is that we would all Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”    II Timothy 2:15.                               

Humbly Yours,

Bro Steve

Dr. Steven Gann, Your Shepherd

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