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July 17, 2016, 11:28 PM

From Your Pastor's Heart - July 17, 2016

Good Morning Family,

            For the second week in a row now I am addressing mass killings.  Last week, we had the slaying of police officers in Dallas.  This past Thursday, we saw the killing of at least 80 and injuring of many more on Bastille Day in France by a radical Islamic terrorist.  Using a large cargo truck, he drove down the promenade after the fireworks display killing whoever he could in the name of the hate-filled satanic religion of Islam.

            Because we know who holds the future, we as believers in Jesus, do not have to fear terrorists.  Yet, we see many people being caught up and swept away in the mayhem, murder, and madness that Satan is inflicting on this world using the religion that he himself birthed 1400 years ago.  This is indeed a war that we are seeing explode on to the present scene.  People are being radicalized at an alarming rate and people are being slaughtered at an alarming rate.  I may get a little pointed here, but it seems as though those who are leading our government at this time are turning a blind eye to the real threat facing the world.  It is either that or there is something much more sinister at work.  Frankly, I suspect the latter.  Islam is not a religion of peace in any fashion.  It is a religion of hate and lies.

            Today, we are going to get on our faces before God and with one another and lift up our voices to the Lord who hears every prayer and knows the answer we need before we even utter the words.  There are many needs in this church family and there is a world of need toward which we cannot turn a deaf ear.

            There are simply no words for the horrific scenes playing out before us on our television screens each week.  There are also no words to describe some of the dire situations in many homes in our community out in the hills surrounding Cape Fair.  Some of the accounts of how Satan is having his way in the lives of some of our neighbors are simply heartbreaking.  I am so thankful for this family of God that is a lighthouse for this area and beyond.

            So, today we pray for those in our church family here and the many needs there are for those who are struggling with their health or other situations that are pressing upon them.  And, we also pray for those in our charge in this area, and for our world that is, at present, in a terror tailspin.

             As always, my prayer is for you to, “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of truth.” II Timothy 2:15         

Humbly Yours,


Dr. Steven Gann

Your Shepherd

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