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June 4, 2017, 12:00 AM

From Your Pastor's Heart - June 4, 2017

Good Morning Family!

          Astronomically, summer does not begin until the 21st, but for all intents and purposes it is here now on our ministry calendar.  As we move into summer, let’s keep pressing ahead with the Lord’s plan for First Baptist Church.  Here are some things that can be on your Ministry Prayer List:

          1. Please continue to pray for the work of the Constitution and By-Laws Ad Hoc Committee.  Their work continues as they have been meeting every two weeks for some time now and are making great progress through the document.  A real spirit of camaraderie is present and much deep discussion going into the Scriptural basis on which we stand as a local Body of Christ.

            2. We ask for your prayers for the continued work of the Table for Six Ministry.  If you are not involved in this “in-reach” you are missing out.  We are going to be staying with the original groups for the summer as a couple of our groups have not been able to meet as much as they would have liked.  Also, it’s not too late to be a part of this ministry for 50 years old and above group.  Just let me know you would like to join one of the groups and we will get you going.  They meet once per month for a meal and fellowship.

            3. This summer we will be doing a slight twist on VBS.  It will be a short “day camp” type event.  It is called, “Exodus 2017: The Big Exit!”  We will be focusing on the great lengths God goes to in order to save His people.  We want our students to grasp the fact that “our God can be a CHAIN-BREAKER and He is mighty to save”!

            4. Be praying also as we make some good decisions regarding a much needed upgrade to replace the AC and Furnace units in the multilevel section of the Education/Fellowship Hall area.  These are long overdue as we have been running on only one unit this spring as the other unit finally gave out due to age.  Serious summertime is on its way and the one remaining older unit will not keep up for long.  The Lord provided “seed money” this past Christmas to get us going on this project and He will lead us to the best way to finance the rest so we can keep the facilities He has given to us in top shape and good condition for ministry.

            These items and many more are the irons we have in the fire at the moment.  God is busy at work and so are we as we join Him in His mission for us in Cape Fair and beyond!

          As always, my prayer is that we would all, “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of truth.” II Timothy 2:15      

Humbly Yours,

Bro Steve

Dr. Steven Gann

Your Shepherd



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